• About

    • Emma Bilyou is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Orange County, New York. You will be shocked by her unique voice and amazing poise! She is mainly a pop/R&B artist who sings any genre of music that catches her attention. Emma plays both the piano and guitar by ear. You will be mesmerized by her amazing voice and the smile in her eyes and love her music. The maturity in her vocals validates her songs as she truly sings from her heart. Emma reaches a whole new level of entertainment and you don't want to miss her performances! 

    • "BULLY" is my 1st original song, written in March 2013. I wrote this song for anyone and everyone who has ever felt BULLIED or out of place because of the way you look or the way you act, if it's different from someone else! BULLYING is a serious thing that tortures kids, teens, and even adults all around the world! ALWAYS REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! There is ALWAYS a solution to a problem! Sometimes it's hard to find the solution, but DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!!!  As always, thank you for your support! ~Emma~ Xxxx